Deafness not only separates us from people but also can affect all aspects of humans life including communication, friendships, marriages, ability to understand or acquire knowledge. The people can feel depressed at times. Cochlear implant is a small electronic device that can be inserted to any age groups with severe to profound hearing loss that does not benefit from hearing aids after 6 months of it regular use. Cochlear implant enable sounds to reach brain by effectively bypassing the part of diseased ear to directly stimulate the hearing nerve electronically.

It has three parts:

A}Receiver:  Surgically implanted beneath the skin above the ear. A small wire containing array of electrodes is threaded through the cochlea.

B}Microphone: Picks up sounds and transmit it to the speech processor.

C}Speech processor: Transmit a signal to the receiver and electrodes which then stimulates the auditory nerve which in transmits the signal to the brain.

Preoperative evaluation:

1)Audiological examination with binaural amplification

2)CT scan/MRI

3)Psychological and general medical evaluation

4) Pre – anesthesia checkup


1) Age no limits. ( after more than 1 year)

2) B/L sensory neural – severe to profound deafness

3)No improvements with hearing aids



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